About Ohkuni Shinto Shrine

Shrines came into existence with Japan herself as "the Home of Mind"; In forming communities, shrines have been playing an important role to be relied upon since ancient times.

Japanese racial deities enshrined in Ohkuni Shrine would like us all

    to be sincere and honest.
    to live in harmony with one another,
    to contribute one's part to the community,
    to help others with what they cannot do.

Especially, Ohkuninushi-no-mikoto, a main god enshrined in Ohkuni Shrine, presides over human's daily lives, health, commerce, marriage, etc., as a guardian deity. Moreover even after we die, we can be guided happily by Ohkuninushi-no-mikoto.

In this way, wishing everyone's happiness and world peace, this shrine was founded in order to help people improve themselves, the community make sound development, and all living things live happier lives.