Full of Natural Beauty

Ohkuni Shrine is located in the suburbs of Sendai City, about 30 minutes' ride from the center of the city. So it's surrounded by rich nature and commands a fine view all the year round. Each season you can enjoy yourself walking about and find yourself refreshed.

Wild-Flower-Woods (Ohkuni Shrine "Sanyaso-Koen")

Walking in the woods of Ohkuni Shrine, you can enjoy various kinds of wild flowers. When spring comes, pretty wild flowers come out one after another. Some of them are very rare now. Especially Dogtooth violets grow gregarious from early April to early May. They bloom only for a few weeks. Don't miss seeing them.

Mysterious modest flowers Dogtooth Violets

It takes the seeds seven or eight years to come out of the ground. They make use of a little sunlight during March and April, grow two leaves and bloom. After blooming they sleep deep in the ground until the next March! With the coming of spring, Dogtooth violets bloom earlier than any other flower. However, when other flowers are in full bloom and trees grow greener and greener, they disappear...

That's why they are called Spring Ephemera in Europe.