Major Annual Ceremonies and Festivals

January 1st
The ceremony to celebrate the start of the New Year.

February 3rd
Scatter parched beans to drive out evil spirits and pray for good luck.

On Sunday just before the spring equinox(March)
The festival to thank ancestral gods and all the gods around us for living healthy happy lives. We must be aware that we owe what we are today to the gods.

Sunday at the end of June
To get true happiness we purify both spiritual world and this world with the power of fire and water. Fire makes spiritual world calm and water makes this world clean.

Sunday at the end of September
Hundreds of lanterns lead our ancestors and keep them calm. The brightness also has the power of making our minds clean.

the winter solstice at midnight(December)
Without the energy of the space, nothing could live on the earth. We cannot help feeling that energy through this event.

There are many other festivals to wish happiness and prosperity not only of the society but also of individuals avoiding any troubles and misfortunes. Everybody is welcomed to each event. For more information...